The enterprise

nBs  - RESIDENTIAL ENTERPRISES is a construction company which activates in the construction of luxurious houses (apartments, bungalows, detached houses, maisonettes) at the extensive area of Nafplio municipality in Greece at privileged sites with high quality of construction, up-to-date architectural design and strict antiseismic specifications. The company's office resides at the corner of Messologiou str and Eginis str in Nafplio, Greece.

The company offers complete proposals and solutions for the satisfaction of the needs that a modern house requires creating works of high tecnical specifications. Having completed 25 and more years of activity in the area, we deliver every job we take according to the tecnical and functional specifications the client requires, in competitive prices and always within the specified time of delivery with the support of experienced emgineers and specified technicians. What we want is our clients to be able to enjoy a house that is comfortable, functional, beautiful and above all strong and reliable.

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